Writer’s Hangout: Conventional Wisdom

motivationally-relaxed-2Over the years, I have heard tales of the mystical gatherings many in the Science Fiction, Horror, and Gaming communities refer to as Cons, although I had not yet experienced one for myself. Though these events are basically conventions, the abbreviation “Con” holds none of the stuffy connotation associated with their brethren-the yearly home improvement and boat shows. A Con is like entering another world, one that bends the norm and offers up the excitement many have not felt since they were children. Cons are places to embrace your own identity, explore your inner fan-boy fantasies, and even be outside yourself if you choose. In other words, it is an awesome experience.

My first visit to this world of Sci-fi/Horror Cons happened in Memphis, Tennessee for the MidSouthCon 32. As an author, the fans, the vendors, and the guest panels intrigued me. Here was an opportunity to meet with my peers face-to-face and explore different perspectives of my craft- an opportunity I needed to delve into.

“Conventions offer a number of benefits, from networking, to promotion/marketing, to education. Most often it is a combination of all three, no matter what level a person is at in their professional career.   You will often find writing opportunities as well, whether it comes in the form of sending a story to a new anthology in the works or meeting a publisher”

Author/Filmmaker Stephen Zimmer

“In addition to potential sales, a good con also helps one to get one’s name out there to an audience that may have never heard of the author.”

Author Ethan Nahté


“The biggest benefit to me personally was in Victoria in 2010. I did a reading from my work that was really well received. That boosted my confidence. I started meeting more and more participants. Then I met the first person I’d ever met who read exclusively on an e-reader. That sealed the future for me. I saw where the puck was going and it changed my life. I wasn’t putting off the future anymore. I had to start publishing all the books I’d been writing aimlessly, and just for myself, for so long”

This Plague of Days author Robert Chazz Chute

The Benefits

As I walked through the event, I saw many authors introducing their stories to new and old fans alike. Author signings, vendor booths, and participation in writer’s panels, all allow for authors and fans to become engaged in discussions with each other. During my visit, I became aware of authors who I might not have discovered had I not attended. The Con gives attendees the unique opportunity to not only browse collections of books, but also discuss the stories with the author creating that all-important personal connection we all crave.

“I got information I needed about blogging and the WordPress platform, I remember. For a neophyte, you learn a lot. For someone more seasoned, you can still find out a lot. It’s of great benefit to go in ears open, mouth shut but smiling.”

This Plague of Days author Robert Chazz Chute

“Conventions are where some of the best networking possible takes place, as there is nothing that matches face to face interaction.   A convention environment is very good for meeting others in your field of expertise and industry.”

Author/Filmmaker Stephen Zimmer

“I have made some very good contacts in both the publishing industry as well as the film industry at cons, not to mention a few new artists.”

Author Ethan Nahté

Time to Network

To many, writing is a solitary endeavor. Hours are spent sitting in front of the computer pecking out their next story. The ability to socialize with others in your field is a rare opportunity. A Con can create a sense of community. If an author makes the effort to engage in conversation, and is genuine in their intent, then the Con allows for the networking and sharing of ideas. You may discover a more efficient method of formatting your work for publishing, make a connection to a new publisher, ascertain the potential answers to an issue that has been plaguing you, or you might just find someone who shares your struggles. The opportunities are available if you come into the event with a sincere desire to communicate and connect with others. Building relationships with others who share similar experiences helps to expand your network. The relationships forged at the Cons could lead to new avenues for sharing your writing, and marvelous opportunities for collaboration in all aspects of writing, be that the writing process all the way to marketing strategies.

In Closing

Like all situations, Cons are what you make of them. If you go into the events seeking to expand your understanding and are open to new ideas, you will leave with more insight of the industry we traverse. Remember that events such as Cons are a good way to build your network, your knowledge, and the writing community overall. Each new connection and shared idea can bring about greater strength in collaboration. The writing community becomes stronger with the every participant who engages and commits to working together. Many new friendships and business opportunities have started with a simple handshake and smile. A well placed question at a Con can open whole new pathways which would never have been discovered had the opportunity been squandered by not reaching out. If each of us checks our egos at the door, leave the competitive urges at home, and becomes open to communication, as well as each other, we will look back on our Con interactions as the first moments of building foundations of great things to come. Individually, we do not hold the answers. Collectively we are the future of the literary community. Our goals should be the same, to get our stories into the hands of the readers.

Though I have my own opinions, I would like to leave you with some final words from other authors who helped to contribute to this article today. I would like to extend a special thank you to Stephen Zimmer, Robert Chazz Chute, and Ethan Nahté for taking the time to share their views.

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2014

How would you explain your experience in con participation?

Author Stephen Zimmer: “I would say that it is a necessity, especially in an age where raising awareness is paramount in an environment with literally millions of titles coming out each year. You can build your platform, find opportunities from meeting publishers to editors, and you can grow your network. Conventions really help facilitate all of it, and getting to know people in person will always be a stronger way to build a relationship with them. My experiences at a great many conventions have shown this time and time again.”


Author Robert Chazz Chute: “Be friendly and connect with people honestly. Panel members often talk about successes that were either luck or moneyed people are doing things we can’t replicate or they don’t really know why something caught fire. The keynote speaker who flew in first class probably won’t tell you anything you don’t know for free from a publishing blog or podcast. They might inspire, but you don’t need inspiration. You’re a working writer. Inspiration oozes out of the space between your brain and the keyboard for free. Concentrate on the schmoe and regular joe sitting in the uncomfortable chair beside you, who is just like you and me. (And if you’re desperate for inspiration, take a few minutes to watch Neil Gaiman on YouTube, then get back to work!)

Spend more time at lunch. Mingle. Your fellow participants won’t talk about industry trends and speak of grand visions/bullshit and where we’ll be in five or ten years. The other attendees are potential allies who have connections. A fellow self-publisher can tell you the trick to get rid of manual tabs in your manuscript or hook you up with the graphic designer you need. I’m less interested in hearing from the industry professionals and leaders. They don’t know my struggle. I love several pioneers in the field, but the pioneers often had different problems and solutions we can’t copy. If you want to know how the battle is going, don’t talk to the general back at headquarters. Talk to the grunt in the infantry who has to take the next hill. Make friends and help each other so one day soon, we’ll be the entitled, nigh-irrelevant dudes and dudettes blue skying on the panel drinking peach schnapps.”


Author Ethan Nahté: “This following isn’t necessarily a benefit, but a suggestion on what to look for in a good con to possibly save yourself some time and money. Even a bad con can be fun, but this is also a business and the goal is to also break even or make a profit. Occasionally you may come up short, but as long as you make it back in the next show then all is good. Regardless, if you do several shows that make no profit it takes a toll on both your bank account and your morale.

Ask other authors their experience over a period of time, not just a single year, with a particular con (i.e. working with the event programmers, size of audience, is the con more literary or media, etc.); especially how that con has fared over the past couple of years. Certain cons I once enjoyed, and still do to a degree, have seemingly died or are dying. Maybe due to the economy, or the state of eBooks vs. physical books, competition with other cons the same weekend or stacked closely together, or lack of advertising. Make certain you have your name and contact information available, even if someone isn’t purchasing your merchandise (i.e. business cards, promo cards, fliers, etc.). Try to find something unique to stand out amongst the others on the “freebie” table or you will be lost in a forest of a hundred other fliers.”


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Writer’s Hangout: What’s Happening?

Being a part of the writing community is like getting a back stage pass for your favorite concert. You become privy to information and experiences few others get to enjoy.  Whether those experiences are the inside on a book special made public, or an upcoming release of an author’s book, or even an in depth discussion with authors about what inspires them while gaining insights into their stories. I think back to when I would have to hope writers or publishers would post some information. Mostly though, I would get busy and miss these announcements until they were long past, finding out after others, and they became old news.

Lately, TTMM made Wednesdays a focus on Writer’s Hangout, giving a little insight into writing from not only my perspective but also from others in the field. This week, I would like to do something a little different. I want to give a “backstage pass” to some events and news. So, let’s take a peek beyond the barricade, past security, and behind the curtain at some of our favorite authors to see what they are up to.

Note: To have the best experience, follow the links below to learn more about the authors or events.

Eli Constant- Facebook Release Party for Dead Trees 2

Dead TreesEli Constant is gearing up for her release of the second book in her Dead Trees series. With a set release date of May 2nd, she has begun teasing readers with information on the book through her social media. Recently, I received an invite to Constant’s Facebook Event page and have been following the progress of the book’s release.

Eli Constant is one to watch in the coming years. I have read some of her short stories and recently purchased two of her books. Both of which I am eager to start reading. Her new book will be coming out soon, along with some stories in different anthologies- there is no slowing her down. I have heard rumors she is hard at work on the final wrap of her new cover (which will hopefully make an appearance on her event page). Here are some ways to join in with Eli Constant and become early fans as she takes off to stardom.

Dead Trees 2 Release Party on Facebook   The Blog of Eli   Dead Trees on Amazon

Claire C. Riley – Odium II Cover Reveal

This week, Claire C. Riley, author of Odium and Odium: Origins, will be revealing the new cover for Odium II. For those of you who have not read some of Riley’s previous releases, her style has been described as the modernization of classic, old-school horror. She fuses multi-genre elements in to develop storylines paying homage to cult-classics, while still feeling fresh and cutting-edge.

Recently, I did a Weekly Spotlight on Riley’s website and had the chance to chat with her on the upcoming release. In the conversation, I asked if TTMM could be part of the cover reveal and share with readers. She graciously agreed. Let’s take a first look at the Odium II cover reveal

Odium II cover reveal

Dying Days: Siege 1 & 2 Special Box set Price

Siege graphicArmand Rosamilia and Tim Baker announced a special box set for their joint novella series, Dying Days: Siege 1 & 2. Previously released as a two separate novellas, Dying Days: The Siege of European Village and Dying Days: Siege 2, both are now in a combined box set at the limited edition price of $0.99 through Amazon. This special offer was announced earlier in the week and has had a promotion push on social media.

Both books contain characters from Rosamilia’s Dying Days world as well as Baker’s books. In addition to the novella stories, the books contain both shorts and excerpts from the authors’ other books. The collection is a great introduction to both authors and their characters. Don’t miss out on this special deal.


“Glimpses of the Undead” by Julianne Snow

Glimpses of the Undead coverA couple of months ago, I purchased a few books from author Julianne Snow. The first one I read was her collection of short stories and flash pieces titled Glimpses of the Undead. Snow spins tales that have readers turning pages and falling into the stories. Snow’s style includes creating rich settings and multi-faceted characters- telltale signs of a polished storyteller drawing you into her world. Glimpses of the Undead is a book that every horror fan should read. As a bonus, Snow includes an excerpt from her book, Days with the Undead: Book One.

Julianne Snow’s website, was recently featured on Weekly Spotlight. Snow is an author whose works will be on everyone’s reading list in the future. Check out Glimpses of the Undead today and immerse yourself in a world only Snow can create. 

State of Horror Anthology News

As many of you may have seen in previous posts, I jumped on an exciting opportunity becoming a part of Rymfire Books’ State of Horror Anthology project. Over the past couple of weeks, many milestones have been reached as the project moves forward.

FB_banner_SOHCover Reveal: On February 27th, Rymfire Books revealed the covers for the upcoming State of Horror: Illinois and State of Horror: New Jersey books. The new covers are branded as the template for all the books in the series to follow. Check out the new covers at this article.

Announcement for upcoming open submission: February 28th brought the announcement of the next two states for the anthology opening for submission on May 1, 2014. The upcoming books will follow the format of re-release of a previous title and a new state. The re-release, with additional stories added, will be State of Horror: Louisiana. The new anthology will be State of Horror: North Carolina. For more information on these states and the submission rules for State of Horror, visit the Rymfire Books submission page.

Coming to a close: The current open submission call for State of Horror: Illinois and State of Horror: New Jersey will be closing on April 1, 2014. After the submission closes, 12 stories will be selected with an additional story included by author Armand Rosamilia, for a total of 13 tales of horror from each state. If you are working on, or planning on submitting to these books, the deadline is quickly approaching. I am looking forward to reading each story.

I hope you enjoyed the little look at some of the events, news, and featured authors from this month’s Writer’s Hangout: What’s Happening. If you would like to have an event included in an upcoming What’s Happening, send me an email at I look forward to bringing more news next month from Writer’s Hangout.

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2014


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Weekly Spotlight:

Blogs can be a way to share ideas, express humorous thoughts, and promote a cause or idea. I have featured some of each of these in the Weekly Spotlight section over the past few months. One thing that I enjoy most from exploring blogs is they help to build a sense of community for the theme or idea upon which they focus. The idea of promotion can be seen on many author sites throughout the internet. Blogging gives authors, and other artists, a way to promote their creations and connect with fans in an inexpensive, yet effective manner. Some authors use blogs to only promote their work, while others use it as a way to share ideas that are similar to the themes in their writing. Overall, authors work to build a community, sharing information for readers of their titles, and to help other authors with advice from their experiences. This week, we will visit one of these sites and see the work of an author who encompasses many of these traits. This week’s spotlight site is by author, Armand Rosamilia.

Armand is the site of author Armand Rosamilia, who has written the successful zombie genre series, Dying Days among other works.  Armand Rosamilia’s site can be seen as a hub of information for writers and fans alike. Rosamilia fills his blog with many interesting articles from around the writing community as well as some of his personal thoughts. A visit to the site may present you with an interview of an author about their latest release, or information about what is happening in the literary world. If Rosamilia discovers something his fans might be interested in seeing, he will share it by “reblogging” the article. If a reader is looking for a new zombie series to dig their teeth into, this is a place to come first as Rosamilia is often sharing out information about new horror releases. The sense of community Rosamilia has helped build, has brought success in one of Rosamilia’s other projects- Authors Supporting Our Troops.

asotpile3Authors Supporting Our Troops 2014 is a book drive in which authors donate a signed, printed copy of their book to be delivered to US troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait.  Rosamilia was inspired to organize this year’s drive after having worked with author Joe McKinney on a previous book collection. Rosamilia set up a Facebook Event page to organize the collection, put out press releases updates on the progress, as well as garner buzz about the drive. The event continues through April 1, 2014 and at this time, over 1,000 books have been donated for distribution. This is just one example of how Rosamilia uses his blog to promote community.

Another way the site helps to build a fan/author community is through “Guest Blogs” and “Interviews”. Many of the posts readers will discover are those from other authors or interviews about authors. The dynamics of these posts help to keep the site fresh with multiple voices. In one series, Rosamilia asked authors five or six questions. Each day, a new author’s answers would appear as one of the posts. This allowed fans to get to know a little about authors they might not have discovered through other means. In this way, the community grows.

Throughout all the above mentioned types of articles present on the site, Rosamilia will also share little tidbits about his day, his books, and interviews in which he has participated. With multiple posts in a day and many reblogs shared, the site contains an eclectic collection for readers to explore. For all these reasons, and more, is this week’s spotlight.

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2014


Check out the new covers for the upcoming

“State of Horror” Anthology Releases.



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Airport Diaries #3: Rules of Engagement – Part 1

Airplane diariesOk, it is that time again. Time to pack the bags and prepare for another exhilarating journey to an exotic location. Well, in all honesty, it’s another business trip.  So, take the exotic out of the equation. Many flights I take these days do happen to be of an international flavor but mostly they consist of getting on a plane, traveling long hours on said plane, extended times in cramped cars with questionable drivers, and finally rushing to get back on a plane. Between these moments, there are business meetings, smiling, late night dinners, and wishing I was back in the hotel getting a little rest from the jet lag. However, while that may be exotic to some, for me, it is more of a routine of step one, then step two, and so on.

When getting ready to depart on one of these engaging affairs, the best strategy is to scan the crowd of those waiting to board the flight. It is a mental game of who- would- you –wish- gets- the- seat- next- to- you and which ones you hope are furthest from your seat. Will it be the guy with the nervous shakes and cold sweats as if this is his first trip? Maybe it will be the couple whose giggles indicate they will spend at least some portion of the flight striving for their “mile high club” membership. Whoever it is, please please don’t let it be the family of six with the kids running around the seats smacking each other and screeching . Oh, the game of “please don’t be the person next to me,” can be quite amusing, if a little precarious, while waiting for a flight. For that matter, I don’t want most of these people to be in the row in front, behind, across the aisles, or anywhere within three rows of me.

As we board the airtight flying cylinder, let me warn you of a few little rules – well maybe more like suggestions- I take quite seriously. I would print them off and hand them out to the masses waiting to join me on my flight, but the last time I attempted this little public service, the nice TSA agent had a conversation with me. Therefore, I am submitting this little list of flying etiquette for your review. Consider yourself served.

  1. The first rule, umm suggestion, would have to be: Don’t wear a bottle of cologne, perfume, baby oil, or any other fragrant application. Keep in mind an airplane is a self-contained, airtight, pressurized, flying vessel in which we will be locked in and sharing air for the next ten hours. A little over-zealousness with the fragrance and the entire plane full of passengers on board will smell just like you, and btw-you stink. Instead of putting on an extra dab, or handful, of your favorite olfactory enhancement to cover up the fact that you have not showered the entirety of your trip, do something novel…SHOWER.
  2. Be Prepared! You know you are getting ready to board a plane. Have your boarding pass ready, know your seat number, and get any of the essential belongings out of your bag in advance before you waste our time blocking the aisles as you look for you micro MP3 player which happens to be in the bottom of your hastily packed carry-on. The rest of us joining you on this plane would like to get going to our destination and rid ourselves of the presence of the other 300 souls traveling with us. Ok, I will admit if I was not locked in this tube with you, I probably still would not like you very much anyway.
  3. Speaking of carry-on luggage, the sign that shows the allowed carry-on size is not a suggestion, it is based on the fact that the engineers of the aircraft did not plan for passengers bringing a bag big enough to smuggle small children out of the country as well as your trombone. For the record, I have seen a full brass band try to get all their instruments into the overhead compartments. They were shocked when the last three members were asked to check their carry-on. Keep it simple, take only what you need, and check the rest people. We would like to have a place for our bags too.
  4. When we finally sit down, I should warn you of something quite important to the comfort of all parties involved. I really do not want to have a conversation with you. I do not want to know your name, where you are from, or where you are going. The flight is not a mixer to meet new friends. In fact, how about we just agree to coexist until the doors open upon landing. It is not personal, but actually practical. If we do not speak, then there won’t be that uncomfortable realization that we do not like each other and are stuck together for the next ten hours. See, very practical.
  5. One final note before the doors close, this is not your living room and the chair your ass will occupy for the remainder of the trip is not your lazy-boy. So, please refrain from spreading out as if you are the only person in this row. Last time I checked, I paid just as much as you to have for the microscopic space the airline chose to rent us. You stay in your seat and share the armrest, dammit!

At no point is flying confused with a wonderful event. It is a practical means to an end. While on the plane, set aside your selfish persona and think about the other passengers. As mentioned, a few things will help this horrible form of paid torture be a little more pleasant for the rest of us.

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2014


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Writer’s Hangout: Time

Time is on my side, yes it is

Time is on my side, yes it is

Now you always say

That you want to be free

But you’ll come running back (said you would baby)

“Time Is On My Side”…Rolling Stones

I am not sure what Jerry Ragovoy (under the pseudonym of Norman Meade) was thinking when he penned this song, made famous by The Rolling Stones in 1964. The hauntingly lyrical beginning lines are frequent taunts to me in my busy daily life.  With a career – which in itself could run around the clock, a very connected family, and the struggle to be a writer, I see time as the enemy of all things.

There is never enough time for what we want to do.
There is never enough time for what we want to do.


When I was a younger man, not too terribly long ago, I would proclaim to anyone who would listen that sleep was overrated and there is always enough time in the day to get things finished. As the years passed, the family grew, and the little grown-up responsibilities piled up, my ability to cram 10 pounds of manure into a 5-pound bag, became a much more difficult feat. My days were beginning to fill with meetings and deliverables, family commitments and yard work, all in the name of being a responsible adult. In recent years, I have added writing to my list of daily activities. All of this leads to a level of stress that my younger self would not have imagined when making such a bravado-filled adolescent claim.

“I highly commend all authors who balance jobs, families and the dream of writing.”

 Dead Trees author Eli Constant

With writing, the ideas flow throughout the day. However, the time to get these ideas out and on to paper does not always meet up with the desire to write. When the ideas are there, the time is not. Conversely, when the time is there, the ideas are as hard to catch as a fly annoying you on a hot summer day. The two activities seem to exist with different circadian rhythms with only the briefest moments in sync. No matter what Jagger says, time is NOT on my side.

We all have time constraints.

“No matter who you are, there will always be things that cut into your writing. The key is to make sure those things are really important and not just an excuse to avoid writing.”  

Author Frank Larnerd

Regardless whether you are a full time writer or a part time scribe, we all have time constraints. Life happens around us and this life is what inspires us to become writers. I cannot image the banality of the words produced by someone who sits alone in a room day after day attempting to write a masterpiece without exploring life. I know every moment is precious to me no matter what I am doing. Yes, there are always temptations calling to me when I sit down to write. I wonder what is happening with my friends on social media. What is my wife doing in the other room? Are there any more M&Ms in the container downstairs? All these things pull my thoughts away from the precious moments I am free to write. So many distractions from the goals we set for ourselves -that is the nature of the writing beast. However, our writing success is dictated in how we choose to handle the multitude of distractions. This is where discipline comes into our craft.

Finding the balance 

“It’s all about consistently making the time to write each day. Even if it’s an hour stolen before bed or while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, I always have something with me to record my thoughts, ideas and snippets of anything I happen to be working on.”

Days with the Undead author Julianne Snow

“I make sacrifices. Sometimes you have to turn off the TV, say no to parties, or give up other distractions and get the work done.”

Author Frank Larnerd

The key to success in anything is finding the right balance. All writers have some form of commitment away from writing, whether it is a “day job” or family responsibilities or just having a life. With life pulling us in many different directions, we must find a way to balance these many responsibilities with the desire to write. The key to balance may be as simple as blocking a certain time each day to write. Some find it easier in the mornings because the house is quiet before starting the day, while others steal the moments when the house is asleep. I fall into the latter category but I have spoken to many writers who seem to find the quiet moments of the morning the best place for their inspiration. Regardless of your methods, we all have to find a way to balance the world outside our heads with the one inside. There is not a standard right answer.

Finding your method

“When I worked a ‘real’ job of 50-70 hours a week, I still managed 500-1,000 words a day. Every day. Why? Because I was hungry and I wanted a better life for myself.”

Dying Days author Armand Rosamilia

I struggle with all of the items mentioned above. My time is fleeting and my muse is a real evil wench. As I go through my day, exciting ideas flutter in and out of my thoughts, I rush to capture the inspiration on paper so I don’t lose it and can bring the idea forth later. However, when I look back, the moment is lost. The disheartening pressure I feel is something not put on me by others, but rather by my own overzealous goals. I seek to balance and so I change my methods. When I doubt my progress, I reach out to others and realize I am not alone. When I question my “balance” I seek the wisdom of my wife to help me find my way.. I seek, daily, to grow in my career, to be a better father to my children, to be the best partner to my wife, and to be a writer worthy of reading. Maybe I was wrong about my earlier comment about Jagger. Maybe time is on my side…

Yes time, time, time is on my side, yes it is

Time, time, time is on my side, yes it is

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2014


Have a short story idea? Rymfire Books’ State of Horror anthologies is holding open submissions for horror stories. Join the community.



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Weekly Spotlight: Delilah (womanwhowritesstuff)

When it comes to choosing where to spend time on the internet, blog sites come in many different flavors. Finding blogs about writing, photography, current events, and favorite subjects can be like exploring the 31 flavors at Baskin-Robins. Sometimes, you want to forget about all the details of a site and just relax and enjoy. At these moments, you want something a little more light-hearted and fun. I have many sites to fit the bill, but today, I want to explore one that is not only fun, but also a little spicy. The rules of conduct need not apply on this week’s spotlight. Let me introduce you to the woman of the hour, Delilah.

delilah banner

“Delilah is a wannabe an aspiring writer, with not a published credit to her name. She can be found most days, sitting in front of her computer at work. She isn’t actually working or writing, at least not on days ending in y. She is a voracious reader and diehard fan of the Boston Red Sox, even though she’s only part Irish and doesn’t actually live anywhere near Boston.” from Delilah About Page

Delilahis a fun, amusing site, offering readers up the randomness of the author’s mind. The site address is but the site is Delilah. You can see her exuberant, quirky personality showing through in each article. The humor of the posts and quick-witted prose easily brings smiles to the faces of the readers. To find some of the morsels on the site, explore the categories on the right side navigation. Whether you are looking for a Top 10 List or some music videos - Delilah delivers. Blended right into the mix you will find some of Delilah’s writings and poetry. Sampling the articles can be an entertaining way to pass a few moments of your day.

One of the areas I frequent is called “The Delilah Diaries”. This category contains humorous looks at moments from Delilah’s life in a way only a good storyteller can present. As I read the articles, I can imagine sitting around and hearing them told out loud with the appropriate pauses for effect. It has a comfortable feel, with the flow of storytelling and just the right sense of humor to leave you chuckling.

The “Writing” category will lead you to more of Delilah’s skills at storytelling. She shares some original articles as well as poetry (some listed as “Old Skool Poetry”). Many of these are light-hearted but some are thought provoking. If the “WIP” (Work In Progress) category is chosen, you will be treated to a taste of some of the other offerings Delilah has to share. Many are teasers of creations Delilah has in progress.

shoesThe fun of the site does not end with the articles. The true entertainment comes from reading the exchanges in the comment section of the posts. In the comments, you will get a feel for the sense of humor possessed both by Delilah and by her fans. Some of these exchanges can be just as funny as the articles themselves. This is where the true personality of Delilah shines through.

By choosing this week’s spotlight, I wanted to serve up some of the lighter fare found in the blog world.  This site gives you a feeling of what it would be like to hang out with Delilah. Reading the posts, I imagine hanging out at a happy hour, laughing along with a group, as Delilah entertains with her sharp wit and slightly risqué comments. I picture her with a little smile hidden behind her glass as she delivers a comment then taking a sip of some exotic beverage. To me, this image creates a connection to an author and leads to a comfortable time reading her thoughts. For all these reasons and more, Delilah is this week’s spotlight.

Until next time…

jerry  b

© 2014


Have a short story idea? Rymfire Books’ State of Horror anthologies is holding open submissions for horror stories. Join the community.



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Writer’s Spotlight:

The weekly spotlight is a chance to introduce others to the blogs I frequent and enjoy. Before sitting down and planning the upcoming spotlights, I look back over the list of sites I visit daily thinking about which sites jump out at me as a must view. Sometimes on these sites, I find something to catch my attention based on current themes or something that just draws my attention. Overall though, each of the sites that has appeared in the weekly spotlights are ones that I believe are worthy of a visit. This week, I would like to highlight one of my recent additions to my daily viewing list,

ClaireCRiley website is more than just a blog, it is instead the actual website for Odium author, Claire C. Riley. The site grabs attention with its fluid animation and ease of navigation. Riley has combined the strengths of a website with the interaction of a blog to make an enjoyable experience for visitors. Beyond the areas that help visitors discover Riley’s released books, there are many other gems to be discovered on the site. I spent some time exploring through the areas Authors I Love and her Blog.

Authors I loveThe first area that caught my attention was Authors I Love With a name like that, I was curious which names made her list. The page gives a little background, a link to the website, and a picture of each author Riley enjoys. On my first visit to the section, there were names I knew and some I had yet to discover. Riley makes it easy to get to know her favorite authors –many from different genres- and visitors gain a little insight into her varied reading pleasures.

After exploring Riley’s taste in reading material, I was ready to jump into her blog. The blog has inside glimpses about Riley as well as her interviews with other authors. As I scroll through the articles, there are interviews, events, and snippets of information about Riley. Looking at the categories on the right side navigation bar, all the previous articles subjects and all the information someone would want to explore are shown . Riley is quite active in the writing community which is quite evident in her blog. She highlights events in which she is participating, along with upcoming collections, and promoting authors she truly enjoys. All of these areas coming together to make her blog interesting and useful are the reason the visit

Odium is a site for fans of Riley’s writing, and for those who enjoy the world that encompasses Claire C. Riley. Though I have only had a few months to peruse the pages of her site, I have become an instant fan and check back often. The site is dynamic, colorful, and well written. is a place to discover an amazing author and learn about upcoming releases. For these reasons, and many more, is this week’s spotlight.

Until next time…

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