Are you real?

But my dreams
They aren’t as empty
As my conscience seems to be
The Who…Behind Blue Eyes

It is becoming late in the night. I have found that it is easier to look through the darker areas of my thoughts when the house has become still; the almost winter wind pushes at the seams of the place I call home, bringing thoughts to me on their chilling wind. . I glance at the clock knowing that it will be hours later than I had planned on staying awake, yet the pull of the dream world has not lured me to its fortress walls yet.

The exploring of your profiles and writings brings me to wonder what is real.  Who is the persona that you show with your pictures and words. It isn’t always easy to discern between the two. Messages pass between us and each one shows a little more of your hand. Words of the real you are followed by that of the image you want to present. Anonymity is what you seek. To be hidden behind the facade you that you embrace is to never allow anyone to really call you a friend.

Personalities of a sex kitten or a housewife, a womanizer or a businessman all flash before the screen. Hints of the real you are there like little clues. Pictures are subjective and could be real, but at times they are just borrowed from an old college classmate. The fear of exposing who you are has bound you into submission greater than any in the real world. You profess the opportunity to be the “real you” while you only project the persona that you want to be.

If I swallow anything evil
Put your finger down my throat
The Who…Behind Blue Eyes

How do we call ourselves friends? Do I know your hopes and dreams or is this what you think we want to hear. The quiet man who shuffles around in the background of the real world could be the entertainer of hundreds with his sharp wit and quick tongue online. The executive down the hall could be the seductress of the night once she slips out of her normal, quiet life and lets her fingers move across the keyboard.

Do we really know who we are growing attachments to in this online affair of the heart? How much of what you see is what is real? How real is it if in the outside world they cannot embrace who they are?

No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes
The Who…Behind Blue Eyes

I have said, many times, that what you see of me online is what you would meet in the local tavern or sitting across the isle from your cubical. I wear no mask as there is no need. With so much deception and posturing that already exists, I can walk among you as I am, each of you believing that what you see is no more real than what you are presenting. The few that truly show themselves here in cyber world, can slip in and out without notice.

Until next time…
~jerry b

© Jerry B. 2008

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