Have Some Sympathy

Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for long, long years
Stole many man’s soul and faith
Rolling Stones…Sympathy For The Devil

As I read the words shining before me on the monitor, my thoughts race. My throat tightens as I read the words again. They were spoken in jest but the meaning is clear to me. It isn’t the first time my playfulness has prompted that thought.

“You are the devil incarnate.”

The cursor flashes back to me as I think of the response. What is it that I do that prompts this reaction? I only intend on exploring your thoughts and desires, to garner understanding for both parties involved. The questions I ask are meant to search beyond what is spoken of in general conversation and dive deep into the shadows, seeking out where the dust bunnies of your mind hide the secrets and desire so dark that they aren’t admitted to even you.

What inspired you to say those words? I look over the conversation, turning the words over in my head.

“…my breath warms your neck as my lips hover over the softness of your skin, teasing you with the anticipation of what is to come. You feel my fingers entwining in your hair, the tension increasing as you feel the moistness of my lips touching you neck just below jaw. A gasp builds in you as my mouth traces a line down. Kissing and teasing of what is to come, I whisper to you, “tell me what you want” as your breath quickens…”

These words work their way over the screen. How could this be evil at this point? I am just looking for the reaction to the words, painting a picture if I may. I am testing the boundaries you declare you have in hopes of discovering something new that was never seen before. Is this evil? I think not.

“…I feel the pulse against my lips as my teeth summon the pleasure from you. Your breath comes in gasps as I explore your neck. Each move has intent; each drawing of my breath sends sensations through you. I whisper in your ear “What are your boundaries? How far will you go?” The only response is a gasp as my voice resonates through you. My hand caresses your cheek, turning you to expose more of your neck to me. “Do you want me to stop?” I whisper, feeling your body tense against me. Your response is a mixture of a moan and one word, “No.”…”

This is a typical conversation for an afternoon when I am unmotivated to work and seeking new excitement. What starts as a friendship, turns to exploration. Will I see something I haven’t seen before? Discover a hidden room where the desires go beyond what I have found in my quest to understand?

I do not find it any semblance of evil in this quest. I see if the words can entice an emotion, a reaction, or a new openness.  I can see in the theater of my mind not only the images that I type, but the reaction of the reader, imagining how they are shifting in their chair, waiting on the next message.

At what point does that become evil? If evil decided to walk the Earth, why would it choose me as its vessel? For the record: I am not the devil incarnate. See, he offers temptation of wealth, fame, etc. in exchange for your soul. In the end you don’t get what you want but a trick of the wording, He is such a con-artist. I however, offer temptation and offer only pleasures and companionship in exchange for the same. My deal is much better than his. I don’t appreciate being compared to that hack. He gives us all a bad name. I do not want your soul … well, maybe a piece of it, but not the whole thing. That would be too much responsibility.

“… a shiver flows through your body as my hand slides down your neck, across your shoulder. My fingertips continue to move across your soft skin leaving a trail of sensations. My breath, teasing your flesh as my hand …umm, sorry I have to go, I have a meeting…”

And here I am, left with this message on my screen …

“Damn you! You are the devil incarnate!”

So if you meet me
Have some courtesy
Have some sympathy, and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I’ll lay your soul to waste
Rolling Stones…Sympathy For The Devil

Until next time…
~jerry b

© Jerry B. 2008

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