Just Another Day

July 10, 2007

For those of you who have children you might understand. For those that don’t yet or don’t plan to have any this will probably not make sense. Each night when you come home from your day at work, there is someone waiting for you. Many nights, I make a stop on my way home to get my little one from daycare. Just walking in there each night and entering the room to have someone get excited just to see you. Her eyes light up, she lets out a scream of excitement and runs to meet me. That washes away any stress from the day. Instead of thinking about all the things left undone or your next business day, you get to hear and learn the day a three-year old experiences through the eyes of innocence. No deadlines or task, just play time and new friends to hear about. Does anyone remember what it was like the first time you were able to just play and have no worries? Daily I get reminded of what that was like. The walk to the car is even an adventure. Climbing in the car is a show of independence as she insists on doing it herself. Then, don’t even think of hearing your music on the radio. “Can I listen to my music” is the first thing that you hear as you close your door. For the millionth time, you hear “I’ve been working on the railroad”. These days, it doesn’t come just from the radio, you hear the soft sounds of her learning each of the new words. The last remaining miles of my trip home each night is blessed with the excitement many of us haven’t known since we were sitting in the back seat, listening to our music and telling of our day of coloring, play-doh and new friends. Maybe tomorrow I can teach her some of music…Breaking Benjamin isn’t that difficult for a three-year old to learn.


August 2010

I was reading an old post from a few years ago. How things have changed. The little girl who sits in the backseat no longer hums along to the childish songs. She received my old iPod this weekend and it was loaded with some of her “new” favorite songs. At age five, soon to be six, she is a fan of a little known band for this day and age by the name of The Beatles. Gone are the simple children songs of her youth. Now, I hear the off-key sounds of “Let it Be” and “All You Need is Love”. The Beatles are not the only songs that ring from not only the car but her room, the kitchen and even in the shower. She has a growing fondness for some of my childhood music to the likes of The Who, KISS, Elton John and Queen.

How things have changed in the past three years. Though there are still bedtime stories read each night, a little under half of them are read to me now. Her reading skills amaze me each day. The sound of her voice brings me joy as she reads a line in her book and giggles at what the characters are doing, pointing out how silly some of it is.

Next week, she will start school. I look forward to hearing about the new friends, as well as some of her current ones. The excitement of riding the bus the first day, as well as the hundredth will keep me smiling for months to come.

And to the point of new music, I haven’t ventured into Breaking Benjamin yet but she does have some selected songs by Seether filtering in with the classics. Maybe there is hope yet.

© August 2010- j. benns

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