Life’s Little Frustrations

We all have them. Then nagging moments when you feel the urge to scream out your frustrations. In an effort to share some of those moments, I have compiled a list of the things that may or may not bring about the personal explosion that comes from the uncontrollable stupidity or frustration. Most of the time, it is your own fault.

Life’s frustrations:

  1. When you need tech support for your system and all the IT friends are busy. Or being an IT person and not having time to fix your own broken computers.
  2. Thinking that you will just fill up the gas tank in the morning only to find out it jumped up 30 cents while you were sleeping.
  3. Wearing an outfit that is appropriate to the weather outside but not knowing what the temperature in your office will be. Hence the freezing in the summer or the feeling of on a winter day. Where is the office weather forecast?
  4. Spending an hour doing inventory and making a list before going to the grocery store only to realize, once you’re at the store, that you forgot it on the table at home.
  5. Spending the whole day at work wishing that you could get something done only to get a “must do” task 45 minutes before the end of day.
  6. Making a sandwich and realizing that the last, and most important ingredient, is the thing you told the children they could have the night before, leaving none left for your masterpiece.
  7. Realizing that the traffic report’s explanation of the hour-long backup is actually caused by your broken down pile of junk that you call a car.
  8. The day our favorite show is doing the series finale is also the day Mother Nature decides to give you the worse storm in history, knocking out all power, satellite and cable for thousands in your area.
  9. Leaving work, fighting the lunch time traffic across town only to find that the bank that you desperately needed to get money from is closed for some obscure holiday.
  10. Waking up after a post-sexual escapade nap only to remember that your child is having friends over. This realization comes as you stumble into them, naked, on your way to the bathroom.

Finally, this is an example of one of the most frustrating things. Expecting there to be something worth while to read when you click on someone’s blog only to find out it has been a waste of your last few minutes of your life that you will never get back. Wanna scream now?

Until next time…

© 2009

1 Comment on Life’s Little Frustrations

  1. Well done sir!! I think that I have run into all of those frustrations at one time or another and then some. Very funny and entertaining, thank you for the Friday insightful laugh!

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