The Simple Things I Long For

Just take a minute and think of the little things that would make your day a little brighter. I did just that and came up with a list of simple things that make the day a little more enjoyable.  

  1. More stairs in the building I work at as it is the only real exercise that I get.
  2. Just the right song at the right moment on your way home.
  3. The slow waking of a lazy day with the fall breeze blowing in through the open window.
  4. Conversations that last for hours even if they are endless ramblings of an awaken mind.
  5. Inspiration to come as I am sitting in front of my computer instead of when I am stuck in a line without paper to jot them down.
  6. To not get the last of the fries before they drop a new batch.
  7. A day of laying in a hammock reading as the leave fall from the trees around me.
  8. Having the answers to those difficult questions your children ask.
  9. More time with the people I love. Those moments are too fleeting.
  10. Being able to love the work I do as much as I love the times at home.
  11. Having more inside jokes that only “we” know the meaning and laugh at the very thought of them.
  12. The smell of fresh coffee as I wander, blurry eyed into the kitchen first thing in the morning.
  13. To be sitting under a blanket, with the person I love next to the fire as we watch the flame perform their dance.
  14. For procrastination to have a 12-step program that works. At least a patch or something.
  15. That all of life’s lessons were in a text-book. I would study it, I promise.
  16. To not have to wonder why we go through AA batteries so quickly.
  17. The ability to leave the door unlocked and know you are still safe.
  18. That someone somewhere wouldn’t have just one more for the road.
  19. That my worse fear would only be if I left the light on.
  20. Keeping the ones I love safe, giving them the guidance I can and never having to say goodbye.

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