What is it about?

As I go back and read the things I have written, I realize that from the outsider’s perspective that it seems like I could be a little jaded or hurt. This is not the case in most of them. I wonder about things that have happened or realize some things that I have learned through the years or even in recent months.

The most asked question I get (though not in post but in email) is who is that blog about? I really can answer that one here for all the past and future blogs. The blog is about my observations and me. They are inspired by you and everyone I have ever known. To write something that shows insight into my mind has to be based on things that I know. So, yes they are you  in these words one way or another. It might be something you said, you showed me or that I learned from you. For those of you I have not met, you are also here in the words if they reach out to you or you can understand the point of the message.

What is the message that I am trying to convey? Well, that depends on what you see. I think back to the lessons that I have learned and things that have touched me. It isn’t a Zen moment or showing the divine inspiration when I start to write . It is just the crazy babbling of the madness that is in my mind. I look in the dark shadows and things hidden under the furniture. I try to clean out the cobwebs in the darker regions. I like the shadows as that is the area where the interesting things happen.

Try looking into your dark shadow. Draw a picture, write out the words to describe them or just tell a story. Expose them to the light and watch how they aren’t as mysterious as we believed them to be. You might grow as a person as you do. Building the blocks of your own story.

© 2010

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