Where’s the Effort? A Trip to Higher Education

 “you dropped a hundred and fifty grand on a f*ckin education you coulda got for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library”

 Will from Good Will Hunting

In my previous post I mentioned being back in school. This isn’t a new thing for me, even at the advanced age. I have always wanted to be in school to get my degree. It wasn’t from the lack of desire or motivation; I just have lived a, how should I say unusual life. I spent many years working in an industry that you didn’t know from day-to-day where you would be waking up. After leaving that world, I thought I would try my hand at the “normal” life and walked into the wonderful world of information technology, commonly called IT. It wasn’t a career I chose but one that I fell into when I needed steady employment. I began this new career thinking that I would have more time to go back to school.

I wasn’t embarrassed when asked where I went to school at in the beginning. I would proudly say the University of Borders. Why pay $1200 dollars for 3 credits when you could get more information from $200 of books at the local Border or B&N. I thought it was a cute way to respond until I realized as my experience grew in my field, I was hitting the glass ceiling. You know, the one here you look up at all the asses above you and think, I could do better. Well, my schedule normalized and I wavered more than a politician on whether the time was right for me to go back and finish the degree I desperately needed. I made my choice of schools that worked with my schedule and bit the bullet (can I use any more clichés here?). I was a college student again.

 I had high hopes of being surrounded by higher thinking individuals; people who might challenge me to think of bigger and brighter things. By surround, I meant in the virtual world of online classes. You would think that anyone that can make an entry into a college level course that requires the use of a computer and internet would have some brain power to put together a thought or two. It just goes to show you that higher education does not mean higher intelligence.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an elitist and think that I am smarter than anyone else in the expansive world we live in. I believe that others in my class are potentially just as able to use their minds as the next person. What I found were people who had the ability to do the work but the drive to barely get by. How can you inspire to be a better person through education and still do the bare minimum? I see this as a chance to learn new ideas, methods and expand the mind to have personal growth at a price tag that will choke even the monetarily blessed. If you are paying the amount we are for an education, why can’t you grab it for all it is worth? This isn’t high school anymore. The education isn’t free just because you are not paying for it now. The bill will come due. 

 The daily review of my classmates makes me wonder why they bother with doing it at all. They lack the effort to correct even the simplest grammar mistakes. Not that I have the best grammar but how can you not catch mistakes like “that would be the word I would of used.”? Instead of using the tools to communicate and share ideas, they simply log on and post “checking in” for attendance. Nothing and I mean nothing, irritates me more than someone who is lazy and unmotivated. You do not have to be smart or well read but you do have to try.

 Classrooms and discussions are supposed to be about the exchange of ideas and the sharing of thoughts between people with a common goal. If I wanted to just pass my time in this life I would have went the way of Dante and Randall and worked at the convenient store all my life.  I could have spent my entire day exchanging sophomoric rhetoric with other with a like mindset. At least then I would have been able to share thoughts with people.

 My disenchantment with the laziness of our current society will probably poke its evil little head out to rant from time to time. It seems the further we evolve, the less motivation we have. Everyone wants a handout and entitlement. What happened to working for it? I am where I am at in life for two reasons, I worked hard to get here and I didn’t work hard enough to be further along. I have nobody to blame but myself. I do not need someone giving me anything that I am not willing to work to get. Why do my fellow classmates think that doing the minimum will give them the degree they seek. Was there a special on a degree at Wal-Mart or something?

 Until next time…

1 Comment on Where’s the Effort? A Trip to Higher Education

  1. Ok first of all I love this!!! I laughed so hard when I actually thought about an advertisement for a Wal-Mart degree. I must say that my first few semesters in college I experienced the same disappointment. I was profoundly angry actually because I had a thirst for knowledge and there I sat rollling my eyes and shaking my head as those IDIOTS either interupted classes with topics completely off subject or jumping into wondering what we would have for homework so they could leave. Online classes were just as bad since we had to participate in a discussion board and some people typed as if they were speaking to a “homie” or as if they get up in a third world country. Then I myself fell into the laziness trap and grades slipped but I took the blame! I may not be the most wonderful person in the world or the smartest but my mother taught me the basics of life and in the end I realized I had to grow up. Am I doing better? EH lets just say I am getting there…. but I do know when it is my fault. On the other end however, high schools are partially to blame. They spend so much time focusing only on MAP scores (this was when I was in school) that much of the material necessary for adult life was barely touched or skipped all together because it wasn’t on the MAP test. Funding was all they cared about. The foundation of all subjects is missing bricks and what was there is now cracking and as I have seen in many of the younger generations we are in serious danger of it just being dust. Written messages will consist of short hand “text” message language. Although this is an issue parents are also part of it as well. If they/we do not raise concern for the choppy teaching and rushed lessons or even assist in homework or simply create daily practice then how do we expect our small infants to grow up and use their full potential in college? Some students are pushed into college and maybe that is cause for lack of drive. All I can say for sure is the lack of interest is agravating and laziness is an easy trap to fall in when all your peers demonstrate it so well. I apologize if i got off topic but you got me on a role!! Wonderful post I applaud!

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