Words on a Screen…

An online friend of mine was messaging me this morning. I started to type a reply to one of the messages and this is what came about. Before I hit the send, I read through it and thought that it applied to all of us out here. So, instead of sending the message, I thought I would share it with you. Those that read and wonder what goes on in my thoughts. What is my angle:
To all my readers:

For each of us, caution is necessary. I have seen some of the best in people and more often than not, the worse. I look for everyone’s angle, even if they do not know it themselves that it exist. I am a study of people so that I can understand myself more. I like to explore others mind, not for nefarious reasons but for understanding.

What do I want from you? It would be a fair and logical next question after my statement above. I have that answer. What is my angle, as I stated everyone has one? I too have an angle with you. I am learning many things from you with each message. I learn about both you and your readers in each post you make. You are a realm of diverse subscribers and each has their own little niche in the world.

I once, in another life, used to work with musicians and guide their careers. Those days are long gone but I miss the ability to share my insight with others. Being online gives me the chance to do that again without all the drawbacks it previously had.

Be cautious with people. They do deserve the added attention. I enjoy our conversations and will not make the blanket statement that I am different from the others because, honestly, I do not know that I am. I know I think in different ways from the people I have met. Just think of me as words on a screen. We will never meet in person. Never hear the voice on the other end of the phone. We are just words on a screen with thoughts behind them.

I will offer this to you as I offer it to all other people that I talk to: I will give you honesty in my statements in all that you ask of me or when I share with you. I have nothing to lose by giving that up freely.  I do not ask this in return but only hope that it is given as freely. I will not ask you personal questions that would show your true identity or where you are at in the world because that would take away from the trust we will build.

I know this sound like a lot of rambling but I wanted to give you a piece of me to dissect as you give up fragments of yourself in our conversations.

I am here to encourage because the world needs more people like you to express themselves. I am here to listen as it will foster ideas in your writing. Consider me your virtual muse. Nothing more than words on a screen.

Until next time…
~jerry b


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