The Following is a Paid Advertisement…

Having trouble concentrating? Can’t get the motivation for just one more report that is due? We have the answer for you…


No other product will suck the life right out of you and make you want to screw off the rest of the day, like FACEBOOK. You can communicate with friends, lovers and that strange person whose picture looks surprisingly close to a model in Cosmo but you know they aren’t really that good-looking.

Disclaimer: Facebook may lead to the early termination and career ending moment. Do not use Facebook if you really give a crap about your job, marriage or mental well-being. May cause moments of grandeur when you think that person actually thinks you’re hot. Facebook should not be used for sexual stimulus, that would be porn, you idiot. Do not leave your Facebook account signed in when leaving your desk as it may cause others to get addicted, as well. Facebook should be used in moderation and not a supplement for real life. Facebook will not cause pregnancy as you will not get laid if you are on it all the time.

FACEBOOK…No Better Way to Blow Off a Day. 

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