Life’s Musical Bridge

Day after day I’m more confused
But I look for the light through the pourin’ rain
You know that’s a game that I hate to lose
I’m feelin’ the strain
Ain’t it a shame

Drift Away…Doby Grey

I have been asked why I have song lyrics throughout my pages. That is an easy answer. Music is all around us. In everything we do, see, and hear. The beat of the world has a harmony that some choose to listen to while others block it out like a spoiled toddler, screaming at the restaurant as you attempted to have a peaceful evening. The beat can be strong and the lyrics flows through each of us. How many get in their car and leave the radio off? Ever watch the special features on your favorite DVD where the soundtrack hasn’t been added? Life without a soundtrack would be dark and dreary.

Now, whether your music of choice is country, rock, alternative or classical, it speaks to you. However, do you ever listen beyond the music? The sounds of life itself as you stumble through your day. Everything has a rhythm. The storm is a good foundation of a symphony. It starts with the wind rising and falling, shaking the leaves with gentle waves of sound. In comes the thunder, accenting each pulse of the coming storm, building it until you feel the energy sending pulses of anticipation. Finally, the rain joins. Slow, heavy drops with its irregular beat until the symphony reaches its crescendo as all this is brought together, Nature’s wonderful soundtrack.

Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul
I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away

Drift Away…Doby Grey

We seem to close our minds to the world around us. There tends to be a focus on the issues, injustice, and prejudices of the world.  Fighting for what we “think” the world should be and forgetting that it isn’t our decision. Collectively, we could not agree on a direction to follow. Standing on our pedestals of righteousness, we demand the world be changed to our image of how we think it should look like. We forget that beneath all this desire to control, there is a balance; the harmony and rhythm of life. If you don’t see it then hear it, feel it and find something that speaks to you.

Some find it in books and religion. Some find it in creating something new. I find it in music. It is in the lyrics of the songs that inspire me to look beyond the surface.  The cadence that moves me to believe that in all the ugliness of the world, there is something that brings people together. Words can be transformed into a melody, showing the soul of the person writing them. In turn, the connection is created with a person. This person shares the connection with another. It becomes a living entity that stretches beyond one person and touches many. It crosses over the every line of prejudices: gender, race, and religion.

All that I ask is that you find your song. Find your connection to something greater than you. Embrace it and see how it can inspire beyond your perspective of the world. Listen to the rhythm of the world around you. Most of all…

Mama let that boy, play some rock n’ roll
Jazz is much to crazy
He can play it when he’s old
He’s too young for the blues
He’s still inside his first pair of shoes

Mamma Let Him Play…Jerry Doucette

Until next time…

© 2010

1 Comment on Life’s Musical Bridge

  1. Without music Life would indeed be dull! Music can do amazing things for mankind. In fact the medical field uses music therapy to help some patients. Sometimes music can totally change our moods and frame of mind. I know that personally it can make me laugh, cry, cause depression or excitement even introspection. I love going to concerts and seeing how the music can bring so many different people together for the love of the same thing.

    “Life is a Dance” and without the music it is a difficult dance to learn. Sometimes we need to listen to the silence in order to appreciate the music of our lives. I am not sure what the theme song of my life is yet but I am certainly enjoying figuring it out.

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