The Modern Addiction or How We Killed Imagination


Un-reality TV.

Are you a television junkie? Most would not want to be considered much of a couch potato by admitting that there are TV shows that they look forward to watching. I mean looking at people’s profile when asked what TV shows they like will say that they don’t watch much but will then list three or four shows they like.

I personally, am very fond of the electronic box. I like to lose my daily cares in some show. I will admit that I LIKE TV. I know it is against popular beliefs but I am confident in my shortcomings in this regard. I would not consider myself a couch potato though. Television is something that requires moderation. To be enjoyed but, like all things fun, should not be overdone. It is a way for momentary escape, not to fall head first into the fictitious realm. Too many souls lose days or weeks to the glowing box we so enjoy.

My fondness of the tube goes way back to the days when I was watching the little 13″ black and white. For the younger readers, you may wonder how you could enjoy something and not have the vivid colors on the screen. The funny thing is that I don’t remember the shows being black and white. I mean as a child and watching The Incredible Hulk, he was always green to me. Explosions were vividly bright with color. Your mind would fill in the blanks of what would be missing. Ah, the good ol’ days. It would seem that our minds would still have something to do while watching the shows. Now, we have high-definition and 3D, we have more of the world brought to us and less of a mental interaction. Is it getting better or worse as technology grows?

These days, the shows get you hooked. You might be a fan of the latest craze. What is it these days? Crime shows and cliffhangers or heroes and housewives? The half hour comedies come and go but the Simpsons remain a staple for Sunday nights. Saturday Night Live still holds on to the cutting edge of satire. Whatever your choice of show, it cannot be as bad as what happens when writers run out of ideas, reality shows.

Then there are the dreaded reality shows. We are coming to the time of year that American Idol dominates the Fox schedule. How many years can we see an angry Brit insult pathetic singers that couldn’t make it through a karaoke contest at the local hoosier bar? I guess we will find out next season. Not enough? Well, you have dancing shows, band shows, and survival shows and if that still isn’t enough, you can watch an obscenely rich guy with bad toupee run future corrupt business hopefuls through the ringer. And what can we look forward to in the coming seasons?  Probably more of this as there doesn’t seem to be an original idea coming out of Hollywood.  

Am I a television junkie? No. Do I enjoy television? Yes. I am not afraid to admit it. Are you?  

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2 Comments on The Modern Addiction or How We Killed Imagination

  1. I freely admit to being a TV junkie!! Monday night its all about the TV! So many shows in fact that I can’t watch them all and have to DVR them! How sad is that!? I hate to say this but on Monday I am the ultimate Couch Potato! I used to watch more than I do now but now the Facebook has stolen some of TV’s time! LOL! And I will also admit to being a reality tv fan. (cringe) I know, I KNOW!! I am guilty of watching Idol and Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen. Human personalities at their best and worst!

  2. Well, between watching my “favorite” shows…and reading a book, I guess you would consider me a couch potato. I personally don’t care for the reality shows , except for Hoarders..I like to see how nasty other people are…and how cluttered…then I can look at my house and think..hey, my place isn’t so bad at all! I do enjoy “my” crime shows. Have you ever noticed…TV goes in cycles. Here lately, it’s crime shows and reality shows. ….before that it was medical shows…Through it all, HGTV has stuck. I am fascinated with the ideas people have to “redo” their homes, their yards..I like to see the inner workings that go on in the walls….elec…plumbing….I find it amazing how much money a family can spend on redoing one room…$55,000 for a bedroom….come onnnn!!!! a little much, right?? Okay, guess I vented enough….lol

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