Great Expectations and then Reality Set In

Normally, I try not to write from a personal perspective. I look to put together things that can be seen from all of our views. This blog is not a personal journal for me but a way to inspire thought, look beyond the surface, and to expand conversation. Sometimes, I feel like I hit the mark. Other times, I fall short and wish I would have taken more time to build on the idea. So why don’t I?

I want to have a consistent forum that you can look forward to reading, something that is there in the mornings for you to glance over and read throughout the day. The issue (I don’t say problem because I believe it is something that can be solved) in this mentality is that I can’t keep up the pace on a daily basis. With the rapid pace of the day behind me each night, the creative flow doesn’t always come, and as a result, the posts have a randomness about them. What to do?

Well, I have given this some thought. I have sought out knowledge of more experienced bloggers and writers. The recommendation is that I reduce the posts to a more manageable rhythm to help keep the quality consistent and articles worthy of posting.

After some deliberation, I have come up with a new schedule. Starting November 29th, I will be posting three days a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The week of Thanksgiving 2010 will be when I get the new post ready and enjoy time with my family. I will occasionally have some posts that come on the other days from guest bloggers or short, humorous thoughts of mine. The scheduled days will allow me to not rush through the articles and do more research into the subjects. Hopefully, this will allow for better reading.

I hope that you continue to enjoy visiting the Trip Through My Mind as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. If you have not signed up for a subscription, please look to the right below my picture for the Email Subscription link. Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Until next time…

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