The Original Trip

The Original "Trip Through My Mind"

The Original "Trip Through My Mind" © 1999 J.Benns

It was back in the late nineties; I was owner of a moderately successful marketing and event coordinating company.  I collided head on into what could only be described as graphic artist burnout. All of the work I designed started to look like a lazy replication of the previous job. The long hours and tight deadlines caused the work to lose the feeling and passion that they once held. In an attempt to locate my creative spark, I closed down the office for a few days and created artwork that was not intended for commercial gain; it was artwork solely for the purpose of creativity and personal inspiration. The original trip through my mind was born.

The piece started out with no real concept or end result. I built upon images taken on a recent trip to Chicago. One of the components was the silhouettes of Chicago from the marina, with its towering buildings cast in the dim light of the early evening. The sky was clear that day and the colors didn’t quite seem to fit with the images in my head. Once the sky was created, the background was set.

Layer upon layer fell into place as I delved into the images racing through my mind. A trip of discovery and personal search unfolded over the next twelve hours. In the end, the piece reflected my mental exploration. It began the concept that would later be known as my “Trip Through My Mind”. I hope you enjoy.

Until next time…

© 2010

3 Comments on The Original Trip

  1. 😐

  2. I love your artwork on all the blogs! And I enjoyed hearing how you created the picture I see so many times. I really like this picture and now I know its history!

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