Artwork: The Story of “Night Fears”


What keeps you awake at night? These are my “Night Fears” ©1999 J.Benns

During the period of a commercial sabbatical from creating marketing material for my company in the late nineties, I took a few days to just create artwork for the sake of personal art. As with the image of the original “Trip Through My Mind” shown before, a new, more personal piece started to come to life on my screen. Through its creation, primal emotions and fears surfaced. The dark over-tones of the image that emerged struck me personally with its honest exposure of my inner turmoil. In the late nights of working on the project, “Night Fears” was born.

“Night Fears” started to out with me playing with different imaging techniques to try to find new ideas for my other contracted pieces. The best way to develop techniques was always to playing around with the different layers and styles. I started playing with scanned images and previous taken photographs. What developed was more of myself than I thought possible.

The idea of the piece is the things that kept me up at night. The fears in the dark hours when others were sleeping, I was worrying on things beyond my control. Money, home/family, time, and the looming presence of my own mortality overshadow the night.

Fear was a constant presence in my life at the time this piece was created. As time passed, I grew more accepting of this emotional strife. I still worry about each of these and many more things but unlike those late nights, they no longer control me. I hope you enjoy “Night Fears”. What are you fears?

Until next time…

© 2010

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