Artwork: A Daughter’s Day


The little moments are what matters. “A Daughter’s Love” ©2010

The image above was part of a post back in October for my daughter’s birthday. The article “A Reason For Hope: To My Daughter” was one of the more personal writings that I have done here. As I watch her grow, my eyes are opened to many new things. She is one of the reasons that I continue to have hope and pay attention to the world around me.

To get the feeling of the article, I looked through many pictures over the years. I reviewed the digital images from her birth to present. The base photo that this image was based on was from a trip to a park we did on Father’s Day  2009. We were walking around the park, looking at different animals and enjoying the bright sunshine. My thoughts were on how amazing it is to be a father and how important it is for these moments to be remembered. Each day is part of the building blocks of a child’s life.

It is these moments that help them to become the person they will become. I remember my childhood moments Like the time my dad helped to rebuild my bike, taking time to paint it and add things, making it new again. I look back on the memory of going to the river, where we climbed the high cliff and slid down the mud slide to the warm water below, knowing he was there to rescue me when I couldn’t swim. I hope that when my daughters look back on their childhood, they have memories that will bring back the importance of family.

The graphic was something of a personal journey for me to create the feeling of that day. The graphical filters, removal of the colors, and the added shading helped to bring the moment back from my memory and to share that with you through the finished project.

I hope you have enjoyed the image and remember moments in your life that mean something important.

Until next time…

© 2010

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1 Comment on Artwork: A Daughter’s Day

  1. one of my favorites and along with it a beautiful background.

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