TSA: All Touchy, Feely These Days

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Isn’t it worth a little discomfort to arrive safely?


Submitted by Anonymous

 What is all the fuss about increased security measures in airports?  “What a privacy invasion.”  “I don’t want anyone seeing me naked on the scanner.”  “Being patted down is disgusting, I don’t want someone else’s hands on me.”  The response to all of these statements is simple:  THEN DON’T FLY.    I have even heard people say such silly things as “I’m sure there are other ways to increase security.”  Really?  And what would those be? 

We practiced the honor system of security from the inception of air travel until September 1970, when Palestinians threatened to destroy four hijacked airplanes, two of them American.  In response to these events, President Nixon placed sky marshals on some flights to deter hijackers.  Sky marshals couldn’t be on every flight, though, and the hijackings didn’t end.  Clearly these hijackers and the generations of terrorists after them did not get the memo about honor.  Over the past 30 years, airport security has increased incrementally, including people and baggage searching, and even asking “Has anyone unknown to you asked you to carry an item on this flight?”  It occurs to me that if that question has to be asked, then that situation has presented itself before.  What person would accept something from a stranger?  I can’t even imagine how that might go.  “Excuse me ma’am, could you please carry on this child’s toy?  Pay no attention to the skull and crossbones on the vial of green liquid, or the wires connected to the timer that’s counting down to zero.” 

If you feel that your right to privacy is greater than someone else’s right to breathe, exist in one piece or live, that’s wonderful and I want to honor your right.  Please sit in your living room and enjoy complete and full privacy from the prying eyes and invasive hands of the TSA screeners while the rest of us comply with whatever measures will keep air travelers safe from harm. 

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1 Comment on TSA: All Touchy, Feely These Days

  1. I have no problem with the new scanning technology. I’ve watched some info on line about how it works. The agent next telling you to get in the scanner never sees the scan (and so does not “see you naked”). The scan output is viewed by a different agent in a separate room, who does not see your face (and so cannot later walk passed you to point and laugh about your nakedness). We are in a tech age and this works for me. I do not, however, care for the new groping methods they have employed. Yes, I know that it’s your choice if you don’t want to go through the scanner (referred to as “the particle beam” by a podcaster recently, LOL). But the TSA is still selecting random individuals to essentially be fondled in public (from what I hear of the new pat down methods), even if the person went through and passed the scan.

    I have a problem with especially when they insist on separating parents and small children to grope the parents; when they insist on groping a child who is on the spectrum and has a serious meltdown about being touched.

    And the lactivist in me is majorly pissed at the woman who was delayed to the point she missed the flight home to her baby because the agents refused to comply WITH THEIR OWN REGULATIONS on the handling of breastmilk, now considered a medical liquid. She was perfectly willing to have it swabbed and scanned, but the agents refused to use that method, and held her in the solitary confinement box for over an hour.

    OK, rant over. Gotta get my blood pressure down now LOL

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