Love at First Sight

We go everywhere together. Since my life was blessed with her beside me, I wake up with her, go to work with her, spend my lunch enjoying her company and curl up for the last moments of my day enjoying her. My wife doesn’t seem to mind my constant companion or my eagerness to play with her. I feel smarter in her company and deeply regret when she runs out of energy on a day I pushed her too hard. My Nook© and I are soul mates.

The Nook

My constant travel friend

Personally I am not a “speed” reader. I read often, for long periods of time, often many books simultaneously. However I have not been known to fly through a 500 page book in one day, like quite a few of you out there. So, my snail-pace reading means that I see so many more books I want to read, knowing that may take me at least a month to get through them all. The online Nook© eBook section at the B&N site, allows me to look through all the possible titles, and for a small amount of money, order many books at once, while I  put others on my wish list. I can order the books from my list next month continuing to feed my addiction. The average cost of a hard-cover book is about $25 USD. The cost doesn’t include the space needed to store the book once it is read, which is another $50 USD for the book shelf will fill up in a few months, or even the cost of the new addition to the house when the library overruns every corner of it. The cost of an eBook, about $10 USD and it fits in one little paperback sized, bundle of pleasure, along with 900 other titles. Need more space, archive the books that you have read to the online storage at B&N, and download more. If you don’t want to trust your precious book to the internet, add memory to your Nook©. All of these wonderments are possible with my dynamic, loyal, little piece of wonderfulness.

I know there are other products like my Nook out there and each of them are great for one major reason, people use them to read. Whether you prefer the Nook©, or its relatives the Kindle or Sony Reader, all of these products help to build a generation of readers. Kids are experiencing the joy of reading with these little electronic gems. I have found that even though I have always been a reader by read constantly, I now read even more than ever. I can carry my Nook© with me wherever I go. I take it with me for those long waits at the doctor’s office, to lunch at the closest fast food establishment, in the car when driving for a long distance (though not when I am the driver), and even for those moments when the movie is paused for a snack break. I read more than ever and those who have similar devices will probably agree, eReader have made reading more accessible and fun. Who wants to take an extra 2 lbs book in their carry then get on a flight, only to finish the book halfway through your trip?

Before there is an outcry about Apple’s new wonder, the iPad and how you can do more with it than with a Nook© or Kindle, I want to say, that is my point. If I wanted another traveling computer with a backlit screen that does everything my laptop can, then I would just use my laptop to read books. I sought out a way to have more accessibility to the books I thoroughly enjoy without the eye strain from backlighting. I look at a computer all day long and would rather not have to use my computer screen during my relaxing reading time. Though, this could be said about the color versions of the Nook©, I prefer the e-Ink technology that does not have backlighting. So, keep using your iPad to play your Angry Birds while I enjoy my latest zombie fiction and adventure stories.

After using my Nook© for the past two years, I have grown very fond of her. I am glad my wife hasn’t expressed jealousyyet, though I did notice her frowning at it the other night, I am sure she understands and appreciates my addiction. She also appreciates that my book shelves have stopped spreading through the rest of the house. Now only if I could convince her to get one for herself, I won’t feel so self-conscious and guilty.

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2011& 2013

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5 Comments on Love at First Sight

  1. I myself have considered purchasing one of these. You have peaked my interest in looking at them again.

    • Whether you choose the black and white reader or the fancier, color ones, they are worth the investment. Each of the models and brands have their benefits and detriments. The biggest suggestion I can make for anyone who is considering purchasing one is to list out what you want out of the reader, what you don’t want, and how you will use it. If you are looking to read magazines and other periodicals, then the color may be better. If you commonly use, then the Kindle may be better. At the end of the day, it comes down to what you want and cost. My needs led me to the Nook however others are just as happy with the Kindle. Either way, enjoy reading.

  2. Ok, you sold me! I hadn’t done any research into the electronic readers because I figured there was backlighting and I didn’t want to strain my eyes any more than I already do at work at home.
    Plus, I claim to be a die hard fan of actual books. But I may have to do my research now! Christmas cometh… 🙂

    • I will admit, I am a believer in the published books. I wanted to hold them in my hand, feel their weight, and collect them. I was worried that I would not appreciate it and feel a little hollow about using an electronic reader. However, the protective cover that was also given as a gift with my Nook gives me the same feeling as if I am holding a small hardcover or paperback. For those that know me, the books in my library are shelved and I am very protective of them. I still get my hardcovers and probably always will, but now, like the audio books that I have written about before, is just one more avenue for my addition.

      Thanks to everyone for their comments.


  3. Thanks for the helpful blog.

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