Humor Strikes Back: A Need to Laugh

Looking back over the past year, there has been some moments where the writing and humor just clicked into place. It is a rarity to have  that moment where an idea comes and flows to the page. In the format of blogs,  the older writing gets lost behind the current and ideas are buried with little  hope of being discovered again. With this thought in mind, I took a few moments this week to go back and read through the early posts, finding some that made me smile, others that made me think and some that I wish were left on the draft pile.

On the day before the holiday, I thought it would be fun to look back over the past year’s humor, a way to make light of the drabness we sometimes fall into with little desire to smile. Here is my gift to you for the end of summer weekend. I hope you enjoy revisiting them as much as I have over the past week.

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5 Rules of Being Single

Dante’s 4 Circles of Customer Service

Life’s Little Frustrations

Cosmic Practical Jokes

See you next week.


1 Comment on Humor Strikes Back: A Need to Laugh

  1. I love the customer service one, especially since I worked customer service at one time. Too funny!!!!

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