The Chase

If I fall back into you, Don’t fight it, don’t fight it

Show me what we’ve got to lose, Don’t hide it, don’t hide it

Memories stuck in my head

All the things I should have said

If I fall back into you, Don’t fight it, don’t fight it

Don’t Fight it…10 Years

From time to time, I mention the mythical muse that I call upon to put my thoughts into words on the screen. Throughout the past year, I have written about her, sought her out, complained when she was away, and discovered her again. All relationships are planted in the fabric of our mind, growing through the stages of life and if care is given, these relationships live to a ripe old age.  My courtship with the muse is no different.

It isn’t easy to chase my alluring temptress through the mist of my mind as she plays hide and seek. In my imagination, her flowing gown disappears around each corner as I give chase; small laughter echoes in my mind. I glimpse her eyes for a moment as she looks longingly over her shoulder, a brief sparkle viewed through the veil of her blowing hair. It is a love affair that brings comfort and security as well as fear and heartbreak.  I feel that the relationship crumbles and we part ways, only to find each other at a later time.

Other moments, I am the one that walks away from her game of chase, frustration growing with no relief. I tire of her, as any lover would from the promise of pleasure, which is not delivered. Then, I remember her kiss, which brings a spark of idea, the brief moments of her warmth next to me as I search for the lines of text.  I begin, once again, my search for her. Will she run from me? Of course she will; that is her nature. I only ask that when she sees my approach, she does not fight it and falls back into our game.


If you come right back to me

I won’t fight it, I won’t fight it

Show me what you need from me

Don’t hide it, don’t hide it

Don’t Fight It…10 Years

Until next time…


© 2011

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© 2011

2 Comments on The Chase

  1. Deanna Carpenter // September 13, 2011 at 8:16 am // Reply

    I know the feeling well…Hope she stops running away. I’m thinking of putting a leash on her so she can’t run too far.

  2. Such vivid images do your words evoke today. Good show, old man.

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