TTMM Weekly Wrap Up

TTMM Weekly Wrap

After a week of travel, we took time in our absence to draft up ideas and writings for our upcoming weeks. TTMM has come back this week with some more post for your pleasure. This week we spoke about the writing muse again in “The Chase” and visited the meaning and signs to check to see if you may be arrogant in “That’s Right, I Am Better Than You”.

I will give you a little sneak into an upcoming article. Can I trust you with a spoiler? Well, I hope that this will be safe with you. I have been in contact with Mark Tufo, the author of the Zombie Fallout series, and in preparation of his upcoming fourth book of the series, we will be doing a review. If we see interest in the article, I might be able to talk Mark into taking a time for an interview. This is a series that I have enjoyed discovering. Keep an eye out for this upcoming article.

Before I go for the day, let’s visit the links for those that might have missed our post earlier in the meet.

 The Chase

That’s Right, I Am Better Than You

Please welcome out guest blogger this week. Each Friday, we would like to give a chance for someone to contribute and share their writting. If you feel you have something, contact me at to submit your work. If you enjoy today’s post, please comment below.

Until next time…


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