TTMM Weekly Wrap and A Suggested Read

TTMM Weekly Wrap

TTMM Weekly WrapIt has been quite a while since I have posted enough to have a weekly wrap. My absence has been due to this nasty, but glorious little thing called Life. I have spent the past eight months travelling for my job as well as spending as much time with my family as possible. Throughout this sabbatical, thoughts would bounce around in my head but never make it to the keyboard. I have tried to keep track of them but it was similar to trying to grapple with a greased pig (I have been waiting years to use that cliché). At the moment, I have had some opportunity to get the thoughts out of my head and into a medium where I could share with my readers. It must have something to do with the Transit of Venus or another celestial event that allowed me this rare “brain dump”. For the record, I have missed everyone and all of your comments. I hope that my readers have not fallen out of interest of the little trip we take through my mind.

Before we go further down the passages of our weekly wrap, I want to share with you another blogger that has not only caught my interest but has given me many moments of intense laughter. I discovered this site through one of my posts this week and have become a fast fan of the daily posts. I spent last night sharing the site with my son as we both sat with our smartphones and read different posts. At points, we had our “WTF?!” moments right before we busted out in laughter. Without further delay, let me introduce you to “Joe’s Shitty Ideas”. The author knows this boy named Joe and as you can tell from the name of the blog; his ideas are not exactly stellar. I will admit, I am envious of the delivery and humor the author has the ability to deliver. Most of all, I can relate to some of the moments and feel like I know this Joe more every day. So, please, take a moment to visit my fellow blogger’s site and enjoy: Joe’s Shitty Ideas.

It is time to review what you might have missed from this week:

I hope you enjoyed this week and look forward to many more.

Until next time…


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