TTMM Weekly Wrap and a Special Thank You

TTMM Weekly Wrap

TTMM Weekly WrapWhat a week it has been. I have been preparing for another business trip, as well as working to get some ideas out for TTMM. Always there is a balance between spending time writing and spending time with family. As always, family wins and this week, I have made the most of every minute with them. Since I will be out of the country on Father’s Day this year, my wife got most of the kids together to do an early celebration before I left. Dinners, presents, and the circus made for a weekend full of memories. In between it all, I continued to try and keep my discipline of writing each day. What ends up on the screen doesn’t always end up on TTMM.  I have a whole folder of half started ideas that lost steam during the process. The few that made it through can be found here this week.

As I muddle through writing, I look back on where I started and where I am today. I owe what I do with writing, to my wife. She tolerates my hours of single-minded focus on ideas and listens, even when she probably wishes I would talk about something else. She is patient when I create anxiety for myself for not meeting the self-imposed deadlines. As my editor, she is amazingly good, she has to read some of the drafts multiple times. Then, she listens, as I angst over whether it will be well received. Unlike writing books, there isn’t an acknowledgement page on a blog. So, I want to take a moment to say, without my wife dealing with my narcissistic ambitions, I wouldn’t be able to do any of this. She is my strength, my guiding light, and my partner in all things. I want to say thank you, to my lovely wife, with all my heart.

Until next time…


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