TTMM Weekly Wrap…Holiday Week Edition

TTMM Weekly Wrap

TTMM Weekly Wrap

Here’s to you!

June was a busy month at TTMM. At the end of each week, I try to take some time to step out of the normal format of the post and take a more personal approach to the message. In the past, I have thanked some of you for your support. That support has made June a month of records for TTMM. I saw daily view records broken, not once but four times during the four weeks. June was also the most viewed month in the past two years. This was directly related to you, the reader. I have a limited amount of exposure on my social media but have noticed that many of you that follow TTMM have shared with their friends. I cannot express how much that means to me. There are some of you that go above and beyond in your support and to those, I send out a special thank you.

Once again, I owe a very special thanks to my wife. I have realized in the past few weeks that when I write, I have a tendency to almost obsess. Though I can be narcissistic and compulsive in my craft, she has undying support and patience with me. She is my editor (thankfully you do not read what it would look like before she gives it a work over), my soundboard (for hours on end at times), and co-contributor to a few of the posts. I look to her as my anchor in all aspects of my life. With our family, our home, and our interests, she is truly my partner.

A week in review

I think my mental filter might have been on a vacation this week. Let us look back and review some of the ramblings from the past week.

Summer reading

I want to wrap up with a little discussion on summer reading. It is the time of year where many take some time to grab a book and read on the beach or pool side. A few books on my list include: A Game of Thrones, the whole Indian Hill series by Mark Tufo, the final book in the Morningstar Strain trilogy by the late Z.A. Recht, and a list of others that are loaded on my Nook. What is on your summer reading list?

Until next time…


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