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We are settling back into the routine after our family vacation. There was not much time to sit down and write, or when there was, I have to say I was exhausted. This week will be a little light on TTMM as I get back into work mode, raise my energy levels up to the normal levels, and sit down to do some writing again. I have many ideas of coming articles but the words are not flowing as they should to make them presentable. Please, forgive the holes in the schedule.

I did want to leave everyone with something to think about from my observations away; just a few quick notes of reference. What do you think?

  • No matter how someone parents their children, other parents will have a “better way to handle” the situation. Some of those methods may be better but we have to remember that we are not the parents of that spoiled brat that is causing all the issues. We are just sharing in the awkwardness of the situation. 
  • It doesn’t matter how exciting the place you are visiting, there is probably a large portion of that city’s population that that wishes they were somewhere else.
  • Can someone tell me how so many people can spend business hours riding their bikes, running, and rollerblading? It is in the middle of the day, don’t they have jobs?
  • It doesn’t matter how well the hotel is rated, there will always be a group of children running the halls and playing in the elevator. It is a fact we must accept.
  • Yes, the cab drivers will run you over if you walk in front of them.
  • Never sit in the front seat of a taxi cab if you are a squeamish about other people’s driving. If you have to do so, spend the time reading your phone but never look out the windshield. You will not enjoy the trip.
  • Wearing your sports team swag while visiting the rival’s city is just fun, especially when you repeatedly win against them.
  • Food that you would normally not eat will actually sound good after walking all day. That is why it is available around the tourist areas. The only regret you will have is paying the absurd amount.
  • No matter how much time you spend on vacation, it will take twice the amount of time to recover from the time away. There should be a vacation after the vacation in order to rest up.

For all those on vacation at this time of year, what are some of your observations that you have discovered? Let’s see if we can add to the list.

Until next time…


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4 Comments on Vacation Observations

  1. Whenever I’m on vacation I’ve noticed that no matter how much you plan out the trip and how long you’ve been thoroughly scheduling everything out & budgeting; a) you never have quite enough money;, b) kids will make you spend far more than what you’ve ever planned, whether they be yours or nieces/nephews/cousins/whatever ~.~; c) Something always comes up to throw a major wrench in your plans, like your Boss deciding they MUST have you in office for an “important” meeting the first day you’re off.

    • That is exactly the case with vacations. You can plan it out to the letter and it still will run over budget. As far as your third point, we can add to this: having to work late the day before you leave, a conference call while on vacation, an issue comes up that only YOU can handle so you spend your time while on vacation handling it when it could be handled by anyone that is actually working.

      Thank you for reading and adding to your thoughts. I, as always, appreciate it.

      • Definitely can relate to having to work late the day before only for a several hour drive the next day ~.~ And, of course, there’s no way to miss that day of work -.-

      • Not to get off on a rant but companies give you “x” amount of vacation but are hesistant to allow for you to take a long blocks of the vacation. The result is fragmented time off with little actual “family” time. The ideas of the 1950’s vacation are a thing of the past. it is no longer seen as a fitting time spent getting in the car with the family and driving to a national park, vacation place, or seeing the country. We can’t afford to take time off to spend with the children and build the values together.

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