TTMM Weekly Wrap and eBooks

TTMM Weekly Wrap

TTMM Weekly Wrap

How was my vacation? Is that your first question? Watch it or that might end up being one of the office inner monologue blogs. I am sure I can come up with a few choice responses to that question. Now that I think about it, maybe I should do just that. Anyway, my vacation was wonderful. Thank you for asking.

This week I missed a day on the blog as I was recovering from all the fun I had with the family. I had hoped to use the hours on the train to work on this week’s post but instead, I took the moment to hold my wife’s hand and read my Nook. I find that between work, family, and writing, I have to actively attempt the balancing of “me” time in there. Thus, reading was what I chose. If you are wondering, it was a good book and I finally finished. You weren’t wondering? Well, never mind. I will move on.

TTMM was in vacation mode this week as well. As I long to be back enjoying the time I had off work, it manifested in my writing. Let’s take a few moments to review.

  • Of course, there are things that inspire you to question what the hell is going on or make you wonder. Vacation time is the perfect time for human theater and observation. I discuss some of them in ”Vacation Observations
  • There are quite a few things that go into planning a vacation but then there are moments that make it all worthwhile. Discover some of those moments in “A New Adventure

As mentioned before, I tend to read quite a bit. Most of my current library is in the eBook format. Not only is the cost of books a little more acceptable but I won’t have to add an addition on to my house for my book shelves. It is my personal opinion that the new format has changed the face of publication and has brought popularity to reading again. One of the benefits of eBooks is the opening of doors to new authors that may have never been able to be published otherwise. Self-publishing has given opportunities, not only for the author but the reader, to explore stories that wouldn’t normally be accepted by the print publication industry. For those that have an eReader, have you been reading more than you previously were? Are you discovering new authors? What are your thoughts on the shift of the industry?

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