TTMM Weekly Wrap and Blog Question

TTMM Weekly Wrap

TTMM Weekly Wrap

I had an interesting question this week from one of my acquaintances:

“Why do you write a blog? Isn’t that like a diary?”

Let’s be clear on the second question. No, blogging is not like a diary. If I wanted to write my most personal thoughts and share them with the world, I would probably set up a Twitter account. At that point, everyone would be able to hear about my trip to the grocery store and every time I used the bathroom. My blog is not a journal of my daily activities, which is reserved for Facebook. Blogs can be many things. Some blogs are company sponsored advertisements or special interest communications. Many of the blogs that I read are created by people who have ideas to share on politics, personal perspective, sports, humor, or other subjects that might interest the author and the reader.

As to the first question of why do I blog? The most obvious answer is that I am narcissistic enough to believe I have something to say that readers would find interesting. You do find it interesting, right? Mostly, the reason I blog is to write, to improve as a writer, to share my humorous thoughts or viewpoint. I hope that you find the post entertaining.

  • Monday, TTMM had a little fun with first date warning signs. A long time has passed since I have had to deal with the awkward and sometimes scary first date. Maybe I needed an intervention to safely remove me from the some of those dates. Regretfully, it took many dates after the first one to show me the error of my ways. Take some time to check out Monday’s Warning Signs of a Bad First Date
  • Wednesday brought a subject that took a thought on whether to add it to the rotation on TTMM. A new HBO program The Newsroom spoke to me. The video clip of the first few moments of The Newsroom convinced me that it was time to share this little editorial I have been contemplating. In the clip the question was asked “Is the U.S. the greatest country in the in world”. Check out the video clip from HBO’s The Newsroom that inspired this Wednesday’s editorial Are We the Best Country in the World?”
  • Friday closed the week with an early morning muse about potential television programming and advertising disasters. . What can I say? My mind goes to some peculiar places when I am between sleep and the waking world. Come explore some of my thoughts and add a few of your own suggestions to Awkward Morning Musing of a Sleepy Mind: Advertising

I hope you enjoyed reading this week’s TTMM as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

Until next time…



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6 Comments on TTMM Weekly Wrap and Blog Question

  1. Great post. Especially the narcissistic part. I guess that’s definitely a part of it. It has to be. I think it takes bravery to blog and put it all out there. Keep up the good work.

    • I embrace my narcissism as it is part of the driving factor in publicizing the ideas that bounce around in my head. Well, part of the reason. Ok, a small part. Mostly I write because I have ideas that need to be set free of my head and given life. I publish these ideas because they beg to be put out there for scrutiny of others.

      Thank you for visiting. I am glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. there are lots of bad posts around internet, so it’s very good that i found your website which is so good.

  3. After rolling it around mentally and savouring it, I had highlighted some text to copy into a comment as I was reading. So well said: “The most obvious answer is that I am narcissistic enough to believe I have something to say that readers would find interesting”. 🙂 Insight through honesty is the best kind. I always find a nugget in what you say; keep writing!

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