That’s Right, I Am Better Than You


ar·ro·gance [ar-uh-guh ns]

adjective: making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud

What is the difference between confidence and arrogance? To give an example of self-confidence, let us look at a six-year-old child. When kids start to learn to ride a bike, they are shy and hesitant. Fear gets in the way of their success. However, once the training wheels are off, they lose the fear, becoming comfortable with their abilities. The thought of falling slips further from their minds as they gain self-confidence. The newly achieved goal creates a sense of pride and the young rider stands a little taller with a confident air. However, if this same child was the only six year old in the neighborhood who could ride a bike while the others were still using training wheels, then their sense of pride and confidence increases. That kid understands they had accomplished something no other kid their age around them could manage. The confidence and pride are fine, however if the feelings go further with proclamations of superiority over their peers then confidence turns into arrogance. Well, until an older child comes along and knocks them off their bike. At that point, there will be tears and a little less arrogance. Kids have a way of humbling each other. How do you know if an attitude is self-confidence or arrogance?

You might be arrogant if:

  • You are more knowledgeable about the sport, team, and strategies than those professionals who have made it their career. Sure the professionals are getting paid millions to entertain people like you as you sit on the couch, screaming at the television. I am sure the team would have won the game in question, had you been there to correct their mistakes.
  • Even though you do not have any education or experience, you know more about economics, law, or government than those who you could not be bothered to vote into office. As an added criterion, you are happy to constantly share your thoughts in said areas, with anyone who is near you when you have these brilliant insights into how everything can be instantly better.
  • You believe just because once you picked up an intoxicated barfly, now you are so desirable people should feel lucky you are dating them. Your new attitude also includes a willingness to school your friends on what the members of the opposite sex want. Arrogance and mind reading abilities, yeah you are the whole package.
  • Your inflated ego will not allow you to accept a job you feel is beneath your station. Even if said job would allow you to pay your bills. You feel justified in your beliefs because you were once a high-ranking person at your previous job. The fact that the previous job consisted of three people and one of them was the janitor really does not factor into your belief.  
  • If you put out your personal beliefs and opinions on the web on a semi-regular basis believing that someone is actually interested in what you have to say or think. This belief extends to the novel you have not written, the website you have not launched, and marketing plan you rattle on about to anyone that will listen. (Again, we are not talking about me here, right?)

This list highlights only a few of the signs of arrogance that might indicate you are one of “those” people.  By the way if you are one of “those” people we are taking great pleasure in talking about you behind your back. If you are counted in the ranks of the arrogant, embrace your superiority as, you are the only one who believes that you are better than the rest of us.

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3 Comments on That’s Right, I Am Better Than You

  1. You forgot to add that usually “arrogant and asshole” go together. As in, “my boss is an arrogant asshole,” they just go perfectly together. Pretty funny stuff. Too bad arrogant people do not usually have the stuff to back up their arrogance. Arrogant people tend to demand respect but not earn it. How many arrogant people would read this and actually identify themselves in the description? Nice job thanks for the chuckle this morning. 🙂

  2. This post perked me right up. I needed that laugh.

  3. lol you hit the right spots. 🙂 I’ve met my share of arrogant, and it is never a pleasant experience!

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