Tributes to “Winter’s Geniuses”

doctor-evil-polar-vortexMost of the country is blanketed in snow and temperatures are dipping deeper than a seasoned pole dancer. We have even given this period of cold an unofficial name, Polar Vortex. OOHHHH doesn’t that sound menacing? To me, it sounds like something Doctor Evil might say with his little pinkie at the corner of his mouth. So let’s face it, we all know it is cold in North America. Many can look outside and see the four-foot ice sickle pulling their gutters down. Why is this tremendous cold happening? It is winter.

As I was enjoying the peace and quiet of my home on this winter day (actually, I was going nuts with cabin fever and trying to figure out a way to escape), I was perusing YouTube when I came across an old favorite series of commercials put out by Anheuser-Busch, “Real Men of Genius”. Now, nothing brings back good times like former Survivor lead singer, Dave Bickler’s over-the- top spoofing of 80’s music layered over the announcer, Pete Stackler. Each commercial pointed out those underappreciated professionals and, my personal favorites, the people who have a very unique take on life.

Need a refresher on the commercials? Check out what I found on YouTube for “Real Men of Genius”.

Today, I want to show my support and appreciation to some of our cold weather real men (or women) of genius. In honor of some iconic commercials, I tip my hat to you cold weather friends. This is for you. (Cue cheesy 80’s music)

  • You have the cleanest driveway on the block. Thanks to your diligence in shoveling the snow to clear the path. Never mind that you moved mass of amounts of the fine powder into the cleaned street, forcing the rest of us to drive through your discarded piles. Never mind that our cars spin out as you wave hello. Damn, your driveway looks so nice. We salute you mister driveway cleaner.
  • The forecast may be for a slight chance of snow but you will venture out undaunted. You rush madly through the grocery store clearing the shelves of bread, eggs, milk, and Little Debbie cakes. You will not be trapped in your house without an eggs sandwich and a frosty glass of milk. Never mind that most of the food is perishable or that you are lactose intolerant. This does not stop you from buying a year’s supply just in case. We understand as we have to fight you through the aisles to get our groceries. Here’s to you mister compulsive snow storm shopper.
  • In a cloud of black smoke and howl of oversized tires, you venture out onto the streets. The blizzard will not stop you.  You have waited all year to have a chance to show your snow-driving prowess. Beware simple SUV and front-wheel drive cars because a real vehicle is flying down the road at incredible speeds weaving in and out of traffic. Your bumper is so high, another ice-age would only be a challenge for you.  However, stopping is the one thing you are unable to do in your jacked-up joy with the colossus center of gravity that you spent your entire life savings on.  Yes, we will smile at you as our mere mortal vehicles slowly pass your overturned monstrosity on the side of the road and think “how cool” you really are to us. We salute you Mr. Monster truck driver.
  • What would we do without our car thermometer? You earn the bragging rights to the lowest temperatures posted on Facebook. Twitter followers will retweet your image to millions- you will go viral. You know we love the little minus before the numbers, or even better when it is so cold the thermometer only says “ice”.  Yes, it is that cold. What would we do without you to tell us how cold it is? You are better than the over-paid weather man for giving us the low down. Here’s to you mister dashboard temperature picture poster.
  • Each year, you share your opinion on how you wish for warmer days, no more snow, and more sunshine. Though you have lived here all your life, you seem surprised by the winters. You need to be heard. As the temperatures drop and the snow begins to fall, have no fear, you will be there to make sure we all understand how you do not like it. We truly appreciate your droning on and on every day between November and March about how miserable you feel. And really appreciate that you stay in town during the winter just to tell us how much you don’t like it instead of taking vacation during this time and denying us your sunny disposition.  Just know we appreciate all you do. Here’s to you mister cold weather complainer.

Feel free to add your list of favorites to winter’s unsung real men of genius. I am sure you know some more.

Until next time…

jerry b

© 2014

31 Comments on Tributes to “Winter’s Geniuses”

  1. The list is so funny I was laughing so much! Those commercials were so good back in the day. I know so many ppl on that list. Of course none of them apply to me. I would add mr. snow level measurer – the guy who measures the snow every hour & posts it 🙂

    • Mr. Snow Measurer…How did I miss that one?

      Thank you for sharing that you had a laugh this morning. That is what I was going for with this today…Friday Funny.

  2. Excellent article Jerry, I will soon post a few of those winter geniuses we have over here in France…

    • I can’t wait to see some of the geniuses from Europe. I think it would be pretty close across the globe. Though, I don’t remember seeing any “monster trucks” when I visited France.

      Thank you for your comments. They brought a smile to me.
      jerry b

  3. This was perfect and you know what else is perfect…? Polar Vortex as a stripper’s name or maybe a porn star name. Alright, I’m back to reality again. I really enjoyed this post.

    • Wait…don’t go back to reality! You can keep going with that line of thought. I almost understand but may need more explaination.

      Thank you for your comment. Gifted me with a smile for my afternoon.

      jerry b

      • Hehe, I’m never really back to reality…ever. Polar Vortex kind of makes me think of a Bond Girl or at least one of those classy strippers. Wait, do they make those? Eh, anyways…she’s probably an icy heart vixen who just toys with mens’ emotions. She should wear white…so she’s the perfect picture of false innocence. Glad I made you smile and not run screaming.

      • Oh, I can see a Bond Girl. With a white fur collar, knee high white boots, and…oh wait, I am the one getting lost in fantasy.

        I am sure there are some classy strippers. (said for all the strippers..umm exotic dancers that read this blog).
        Jerry b

      • I envisioned the Bond Girl just as you described. Great minds!

      • But I’m thinking classic Bond…not this new metrosexual crappy Bond. I like my Bond old school.

      • Dark suit, dark hair, classic British car…just not Roger Moore, Please not that Bond era.

      • Nope, I’m a sucker for Connery. He could easily be my grandfather, but mmmm…I’ll leave it at that.

      • I wondered if you were going to go there or to Pierce. Just never say never….

      • I might have to settle for Pierce. Although, hands down I’d have to pick Harrison Ford before Pierce.

      • Harrison Ford…now that would be interesting. Indiana Jones or later? Just curious as I have heard that once or twice about him.

      • Makes no difference to me. I loved him in Star Wars, you know…before they went and ruined the franchise and I loved him in Indiana Jones. I’m betting it was the fedora though that pushed me over the edge.

      • Chicks dig the fedora and that sarcastic grin. If only I could have perfected that when I was younger.

      • Nah, I think the age really helps. I was too young to appreciate him when he was younger. There’s always hope.

      • Mermaidgrl7 // January 10, 2014 at 3:28 pm //

        You’re not rocking the fedora? Shocked. I bet you have one you pull out every once in a while. Dig Indy way more than Bond except for the accent…

      • Well, I am not sure I will confirm nor deny owning a tattered fedora…but, there might be pictures somewhere.
        jerry b

      • Mermaidgrl7 // January 10, 2014 at 3:29 pm //

        I agree the age is hot

  4. Maybe Polar Vortex should be a super hero but she can still wear that same outfit Jerry. But what would her superpower be?

    • I don’t see a super hero. That is more of a sexy villian. And what would it matter the super power, she sounds HOT! That would probably cause all those spandex clad super heroes to kneel before her.

      Hmm, this conversation is going into a dark (but fun) place. Maybe I don’t mind the cold so much with these thoughts warming up my…mind.
      jerry b

  5. Having a bad girl fantasy going on there today? I do like the idea of all those men bowing to her though…

  6. Lol! Oh honey you have no idea! 😉

  7. My fav bond was Pierce Brosnan though. The other are good but he is number 1

  8. I only listen to a few of these Real men of Genius commercials until I found this video, so funny I’d listen to the hour long complication twice. Here’s the URL:

    • Alex,
      I am glad you liked the commercials. Had you heard them before? Thank you for the link, now I will be spending some time listening through the whole compulation.
      jerry b

  9. Sorry for the autocorrect feature. I’ve meant compilation.

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